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Powerful security protection.

Top Scurity Door Sdn. Bhd. Has incorporated more than 10 years, since year 2008. We have our commitments to our customers to improve their residential or commercial safety with our security door. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we run with an effective management system that set forth to ensure our consistently of high quality materials, product and services






The Facts

Top Security Door assures to serve our customers the best!


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Our Factory at a Glance

Take a look at how we produce our finest quality door!


Top Security Matters

Be safe and stylish at the same time


All our doors are built with galvanized iron and powdered coating, to prevents forced entry, withstands extreme impact, noise prevention, and more function in all one.


Our security door is protected with powder coating and have 6 variety colours to choose i.e black, copper, green, dark blue, metallic grey, and white.


Our security door is installed with one master key to auto-unlock 12 mortise locks set in the door, this makes the door more stronger.


We have more than 50 grille designs which is made by SUS304 local stainless steel, alloy, laser cut art design and wrought iron.


Our security door is 100% direct made by our own factory which located at Klang Utama Selangor, Malaysia. You can easily get our accessories and repair services from us.


As No.1 Security Door E-Commerce in Malaysia, we have 24/7 ticket system to assist you whenever and wherever you have problem on your door.


Our Happy Customers

Hear what our customers says about us.

 Me and my wife chose TOP because it is affordable, good quality, & lots of design choices. It gave my house a very stylish look so we think that is very good value for money.

– Terrance Tan, KL –

Staff was extremely friendly in explaining the details. Love their fast service and delivery, it completed our renovation plan.

– Saiful, Kajang –

Strongly recommend their Deluxe series. Their quality is great and it makes me feel safe and secure.

– June Wong, PJ –

A wooden security door Malaysia combines the timeless aesthetic of wood with robust security features, offering both style and protection. Crafted from high-quality timber, these doors are designed to enhance the overall appearance of your property while providing a strong barrier against potential intruders. With various finishes and designs available, wooden security doors seamlessly blend with different architectural styles, offering a sophisticated solution to safeguard your home or business. An aluminium security door Malaysia is a modern and durable choice for enhancing the safety of your property. Constructed from lightweight yet sturdy aluminium, these doors offer a sleek and contemporary appearance while providing excellent security features. Known for their resistance to corrosion and weather elements, aluminium security doors are ideal for the Malaysian climate. With various design options and finishes, these doors not only prioritize security but also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of your space.

Are aluminium security doors energy-efficient?

Aluminium security doors can contribute to energy efficiency by providing insulation. Some doors may also have additional features like thermal breaks to enhance their energy-saving properties.

Can aluminium security doors be installed in residential and commercial settings?

Yes, aluminium security doors are versatile and can be installed in both residential and commercial properties, offering reliable protection against unauthorized access.

What is a mesh door, and how does it differ from traditional doors?

A mesh door is designed with a mesh screen, providing ventilation while keeping insects and debris out. It offers a more open feel compared to solid doors, making it an excellent choice for areas where airflow is crucial.

Is a mesh door suitable for security purposes?

Yes, many mesh doors come with sturdy frames and high-quality mesh materials, making them an effective option for security without compromising on airflow and visibility.

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