Classic Series

Fully Alumininum Trackless Autogate


Fully Alumininum

  • Fully welded frame
  • Look more elegant & stronger

Hidden Bearing

  • Less than 10mm gap
  • Look neat& trendy

Heavy Duty Bearing

  • Fully aluminium folding hinges
  • Anti-rust & long-lasting
  • Smooth operation

Trackless Folding System

  • Secure stopper
  • Unable to forcibly open the gate
  • More secure

Heavy Duty Wall Support

Adjustable Hinges

  • To fix pillar-sinking problems

Powder Coating

  • long-lasting & elegant
  • Reduces maintainance cost

Up to 5 years Warranty

  • T&C apply

Top Security Door proudly serves as your premier auto gate supplier Malaysia. Our commitment to excellence and security is reflected in our range of top-quality automatic gates. Designed with the latest technology, our auto gates offer not only convenience but also enhance the security of your premises. Trust Top Security Door for reliable and advanced auto gate supplier Malaysia solutions tailored to meet your security needs.

How do Top Security Door's auto gate Malaysia enhance security for properties?

Our auto gate Malaysia is designed with advanced security features, offering enhanced access control and protection for properties, providing peace of mind for homeowners and businesses.

How does Top Security Door ensure the durability and reliability of their auto gate Malaysia in the Malaysian climate?

We employ high-quality materials and rigorous testing to ensure the durability and reliability of the auto gate Malaysia, ensuring optimal performance even in the diverse climate conditions.


E-Mechanical motor

  • Long lifespan with solid coated gearbox base
  • Solar power or dual power mode for powering the motor
  • Inteligence system with self calibration for smooth operation

Wireless keypad

  • Can be place anywhere at home
  • Wireless multifunction keyboard

Key Release

  • Manually open or close the gate in an emergency situation
  • The key can be used to open or close the door in when power cutage

Automatic Lighting (Optional item)

  • Automatically switch-on when the gate is opened or by using the switch from the remote control or keypad

Panic Alarm (optional item)

  • Can be triggered by using remote control
  • Scare away questionable people

Infrared Safety Beam (optional item)

  • Reverse open when the infrared safety beam detected an obstacle

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