Netting Series

Fully Alumininum Trackless Autogate


Fully Alumininum

  • Fully welded frame
  • Look more elegant & stronger

Hidden Bearing

  • Less than 10mm gap
  • Look neat& trendy

Heavy Duty Bearing

  • Fully aluminium folding hinges
  • Anti-rust & long-lasting
  • Smooth operation

Trackless Folding System

  • Secure stopper
  • Unable to forcibly open the gate
  • More secure

Heavy Duty Wall Support

Adjustable Hinges

  • To fix pillar-sinking problems

Powder Coating

  • long-lasting & elegant
  • Reduces maintainance cost

Up to 5 years Warranty

  • T&C apply


E-Mechanical motor

  • Long lifespan with solid coated gearbox base
  • Solar power or dual power mode for powering the motor
  • Inteligence system with self calibration for smooth operation

Wireless keypad

  • Can be place anywhere at home
  • Wireless multifunction keyboard

Key Release

  • Manually open or close the gate in an emergency situation
  • The key can be used to open or close the door in when power cutage

Automatic Lighting (Optional item)

  • Automatically switch-on when the gate is opened or by using the switch from the remote control or keypad

Panic Alarm (optional item)

  • Can be triggered by using remote control
  • Scare away questionable people

Infrared Safety Beam (optional item)

  • Reverse open when the infrared safety beam detected an obstacle

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